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Control icons at top of Categories and Lists - it would be handy if they could be sticky

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I keep finding myself scrolled a fair way down into a Category or its songs list, and I want to access the row of icons at the top (Shuffle/Play/Search/Select/Menu) but I need to scroll all the way back to the top to get to them. Could just that portion of the header area reappear whenever you scroll back up a little? In the same way that the navbar and miniplayer pop themselves back up again from their hidden status when you scroll up?



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5 hours ago, invaderzim said:

+1, or a toggle to switch it to static would be nice.

For optional static (it would need to be optional, as that could rather eat up list space on smaller screens) the exiting Library > Lists > Static Navbar toggle could easily lock both items, or leave both in auto-hide mode like the bottom ones does now. Or there could be two controls, one for the top and one for the bottom?


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