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Sort order Genre/Album/Artist?

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When I have multiple artists for the same album, they are not sorted under one album. Instead they are now sorted beside each other, so the same album name appears many times. As many as there are artists. Sometimes there are a real album with many artists appearing on it. Sometimes I have put all single artist songs in a specific album called Unknown or General Pop. So why are not these songs sorted under the same album?

I want Genre/Album/Artist

But now they are Genre/Artist/Album

It worked in the old version. How can I get this to work.



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You would need to use the Album Artist tag. That way, as long as the Album Title and the Album Artist tags match, tracks should be treated as the same album.

Otherwise you'd end up with oddities like having two albums called "Greatest Hits" but by David Bowie and ABBA, which obviously should not be merged together just because they have the same Title (which would happen in PA v2, before the Album Artist tag was supported).


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