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Queue functionality requests

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I love Poweramp and have been using it for years, and while I like v3, I really miss one functionality from v2- the way the queue used to work. I have two issues that make it far less useful than it used to be. For reference, I may listen to whole albums, more than individual songs.

1. Please bring back the ability to have the queue start after the current list is done. This way I can go back to queueing up the next album while the current one is playing (currently, I need to wait until the last song starts playing, or the next album will start before the current one finishes).

2a. When adding to the queue from the search function, an album should add in track order, but for the last few months they have added in alphabetical order. This has made the queue even less useful, as it now takes several extra clicks (going into the album, selecting all, then adding to queue) where before all I had to do was long-press and click add to queue.

2b. Albums with various artists should also add to queue in track order, but from search they have added in artist name order. If I find the album in my albums screen, it adds correctly, but with thousands of albums on my phone it can take longer to find an album this way than I'd like.

Sorry for the long, annoying request. I just miss the ability to have the queue be easy and useful for listening to whole albums. Thanks.

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Hi. I've started using Poweramp recently and I love it. One suggestion for improvement:

I'd love it if a queue is auto-started whenever you play something (an album, shuffle all tracks, a track from a playlist/album, etc.). This way you can arrange and modify the queue the way you like as well as you can see the exact order in which the tracks will be played. I'm also using blackplayer and you can see what I'm referring to above in that app (no advertising, just a suggestion to make your app even better). 

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