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Fiio BTR3 DAC HiFi output issues


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I would like to report that Poweramp isnt supporting or at least taking full advantage of my Fiio BTR3 dac. The dac is capable of 32bit/96khz playback as shown by the player but when i enter the setup screen it shows the playback quality as 24bit/48khz. I previously reported this through the app but the only solution offered was to try a new build, which didn't work, which i also reported but never received a reply. 

  • Poweramp v3 build 853
  • Oneplus 7 Pro
  • Android 10 Oxygen OS
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I see. The encoded format for LDAC is defined by LDAC encoder, which is something Poweramp can't control. It just gets those parameters from system and displays them as is.
Also LDAC is lossy format with MDCT processing meaning bits depths is not something which is important here (time domain samples converted to frequency domain, there are no 16 or 24 or 32 bit samples anymore, processing happens in float32) and any bit accuracy is lost anyway.


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