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Android 10 bug


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Android 10 (especially beta versions) has issues with some file systems, see other threads on the subject for possible resolutions. Make sure your music locations are ticked in Settings > Library > Music Folders, and do a FULL Rescan (bottom item in Settings > Library). Also make sure any location Files or explorer apps that came with the device are enabled, and allow access to storage in the Android app settings menu. 


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Generally, RECENT (850+, 855 is recommended) Poweramp builds work OK with 10. I test on ~15 Android 10 devices.

What doesn't work:

- sometimes, selected non-root folder in Music Folders in system dialog. Try to select (CHANGE button) root folder (the device itself), and then check music folders as needed in Poweramp dialog.

- older Poweramp builds

- hacked Poweramp builds

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