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Unable to play any songs


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Just updated my phone to Android 10 and songs that I downloaded stopped showing up in the app (would show up in other music apps). I uninstalled and reinstalled and now none of my music will play. The errors I get are "Folder is missing or not readable" and "Storage is unmounted". I have done a full scan in settings, as well as regular re scans, and nothing seems to be working. All my music files will play without a problem on my other music apps. This is by far my favorite music app on android, and it sucks it's not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

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25 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

This is caused by Android 10's changes in the way that the file system is meant to be accessed by apps (particularly the new Storage Access Framework API).

There are several threads on the subject already, including some possible fixes/workarounds. Try these p[osts:


Thanks for the help Andre! Had to go into my phone app settings for PA and enable access there. Then had to enable access for both SD/Internal in the PA app itself. All music came back and my downloads came through. Thank you again!

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