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Remote Media Control (Phone to Phone)

Sandro Nejm

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Currently, I got a 15 inches speaker (JBL Eon615), and I would like to put a cable in it and connect into my phone and play some music using Poweramp for Android. And simultaneously, I would like to remote control it from another phone, so it is more comfortable, then would be possible to change the music from a coach or wherever I am.


Basically, I would like to request a phone to phone remote control to be able to remote control Poweramp - I suggest Bluetooth, Local Wi-Fi or Direct Wi-Fi. It is not music streaming, it is only remote control.


The features I expect:

- Basics: play, pause, increase and decrease volume, advance to next music and go back to the previous music. You can control here a unique playlist.

- Intermediary: select a specific playlist, folder and album and artist. Search specific song. Do some equalizing changes.


The intermediary features would make me crazy happy.


Actually I got discorvered an Android app "Phone to Tablet" that attends the basics features but it is kind of incomplete. A official Poweramp Remote app would be perfect.

As Poweramp is Profissional Sound I think it is a useful feature for professional use.

Thank you.

Sandro Tepedino


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