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No more hi-res since update (stuck at 48 kHz)


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OS: LineageOS 16.0

Phone: Xiaomi Mi A1

Poweramp: latest

So, I am aware that the stock Xiaomi Mi A1 did not support high res despite having the hardware for it. However, LineageOS had fixed this issue and for months now I've been able to use Hi-Res perfectly - playing music at 24/192 and any other HD settings.

However, in one of the last updates to Poweramp the output is now once again defaulting to 16 bit 48 kHz just like on the stock phone, no matter what specs I choose... and reading LineageOS changelogs, they didn't touch anything regarding this so I assume this must be a bug with one of the latest versions of Poweramp. 

Also I get some nasty clipping in songs with higher frequencies, and I haven't touched anything in my Poweramp settings in months, it used to work perfectly. Might be just my headphones dying, but I don't think so as the more "calm" songs sound fine.

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