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ONLY play 4 & 5 star music as well as any unrated music


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I have not seen this on any other player but it would be great to have a category, like beta 2 has most played rated etc, but only plays 4 & 5 star and unreated music.

The reason I feel for including unrated music, along with 4 and 5 star music, is that everything will be played under this category until you choose not to like it.

With players like media center is that if you choose your favourites then only the high star music gets played and any new music in the last 30 days. But if you have a large music collection then there is a chance you may not hear some of your new music within that 30 days and then the new music drops of the favourites category. The way I got around that is I open up media player and find all unrated music and make them 5 stars. That way they are still kept as a favourite for infinite time unless I choose they are not worthy of 5 stars

But with 4 & 5 star music WITH UNRATED music then everything will be in the favourtites category until you actually choose you don't want to listen to it as a favourite.

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