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Here are my three requests:

1. Podcasts or Audiobooks often come as 4-8Minutes long parts.If I want to save the timestamp right now, every other song in my library will be affected. So my wish is to hold tap on a album and check the option to save the timestamp only in this album

2.When listening and clicking on the 3dots to go to artist,only the songs are listed. Could you add a option to show all album(s) from this artist?

3. Sorting my main library after album and artist: all CDs from artist A then all CDs from artist B. Could you in this option please at the A-Z "toolbar" on the right,like it is in artists? It makes searching by round 300-500 CDs easier


Anyway nice app and great features so far 

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1. The setting for remembering playback positions can be defined for each Library category. If you use (for example) Folders or Genres when listening to podcasts/audiobooks then you could enable the facility in the Folders or Genres song-level view. Then when you listen to other material in Album or Artist category, the save-position mode will be turned off. Normally I use the master setting in Settings > Library though, as my podcasts are all over 15 minutes long so I just set a system-wide duration value for saving playback positions, but that wouldn't help you with 4-8 minute tracks as some regular music might be caught too.

2. The Songs list needs to be shown so the currently-playing song can be highlighted in the Artist's songs list (which is the point of the function) but if you then tap the Back button you will be taken to that artist's full list of albums. Or just use the Album link in the the Player Screen in first place.

3. Do you mean a flat list with all the Album Titles shown in one long list, but still sorted by Artist, then Album Title,  within that long list? I use Folders mode for that, but you do need to have your directory structure tidily arranged in a nested Music/Artists/Albums/songs structure.  Then Folders mode will show a flattened list of all folder names, with only one drill-down level to each songs list.


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First of all thanks for reply.

To Number 1:edit: found it

To number 2: yeah I totally have overseen that

To number 3: Like in the pictures with the A-Z list on the right for the other configuration (Albums sorted by Artists)



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3. The A-Z list works in plain Folders mode (which is a flattened list, when sorted by Name) but it does not display in Folders Hierarchy mode as there can be both files and folders in the same view, with folders sorted at the top and files at the bottom, so an alpha list for the whole view is not applicable.


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