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Performance with high number of files


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Dear all, 

First of all, hello to everyone.. This is my first post, as I couldn't find anything via search function.. 

I have following situation. 

Im running Poweramp v3 on Ibasso Dx160 using a 1tb micro sd card. 

On this card I have approx. 79000 mp3 files im 320kbps quality.. Scanning this much files takes approx. 15 to 20 minutes, whis is more then OK for me, as I don't do this on a daily bases. 

As an overall performance, I am more than happy with the appearance, sound and I think Poweramp is a really great piece of player.. Actually it is the only player I found which can handle this amount of files at all. I just experience one issue which I would love to improve. 

While Roaming through the library I experience performance issues with extended waiting times to get the required sorting lists. Especially when triggering the "All Titles" list. This takes approx 90 to 180 seconds to come up, even more. 

Interestingly this duration is only needed when using this function the first time after switching on the player and also every time after wakeup from standby.. Whenever I trigger one of the lists later on again, as long as the screen is up and running, it comes up within a second or two.. Only everytime when switching off or let the player go to standby after wakeup it takes this long. 

Now I know almost 80k Files are quit a lot and any system can come somehow to the limit. But somehow I hope there is a hidden caching function, I just did not discover so far to improve this. 

Does anyone have this also have an idea, how I can improve this or maybe even bring it to lightning fast behavior? 

I would appreciate any input from you guys.. 

Kind regards



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