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Use Poweramp with both internal and external storage


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Hello everyone,


I will try to explain what i'm looking for...


I have been using Poweramp for years, great app. So far my music  was on the SD card of my S8+.

I recently bought a small 1TB portable SSD to store all my music , so that i could be able to bring my entire music collection with me (around 100 000 tracks).


So i plug the SSD on my mobile phone, scan the SSD on Poweramp (it takes some time) and it works.

So both SD Card and SSD are scanned when i open Poweramp. Unfortunately, it takes a very long time when the SSD is not connected.


So i was wondering if i could create a distinct instance of Poweramp that i would use only for my SSD (i tried with Parallel space, but my licence can't be verified).

Any idea, workaround? 


Many thanks!

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try using Shelter or Island. 

they are better than parallel space IMO and I guess you'll be able to pass the licence check. 

because these apps create a work profile inside your android phone, which is seperated and have different Google Play Service for each of the profile, i.e. your normal profile and the work profile made by these apps. 

and in any case if the licence is not verified under the same Google account, just use another Google account and add that account in your Google Family Share so that you don't have to buy app once again, although you can buy it once again to support the devs. 

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