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Poweamp for PC

Olaf Basse

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A very nice product for the PC is Logitech Media Server (LMS). It is fairly comparable to Poweramp and is available for just about any PC OS, not Android. There are 2 components, 1- LMS which serves your music to 2- a client component which is also available for Windows PC's. The client I'd recommend is SqueezeLite. LMS can server to multiple clients simultaniously, these clients can play seperate music streams or they can be synced so that the same music is playing through each client.

The server can be found here;


The client can be found here;


If you would like to have your server and client as seperate devices you can "build" a client using a Raspberry Pi with a HifiBerry DAC to place at your stereo and have the server located in a different spot. The music file is delivered bit perfect from the server to the client and decoded at the client. The client software supports all manner of music files, MP3, FLAC, WAV, Ogg, etc.

There are several daughter boards supported for delivery to your amp. If your amp has a built in DAC you can use the Digi+ board using TOSLink to connect to your amp. If you just want to drive some speakers you can use the AMP+ . These boards can be found here;


For my own use I built a client with a Raspberry 3B and the DAC+ board which works superbly.

I use Poweramp on my phone for yardwork and bluetooth in the car. For home I use LMS / Squeezelite on Pi.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that LMS, Squeezelite and the PiCore player software are all FREE 


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I have another PC alternative which is Aimp, a good and lightweight audiophile audio player with a large playback (which includes radios and URL), a big number of features (such as output selection, resampling, an equalizer, etc.) and a pleasant and customisable interface.

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Personally I use MB, for me AIMP seemed a bit more counterintuitive. Also there is a Vacuum Tube player, but it's paid, though there are some intersting features that may be interesting (emulation of headphones and amps)

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