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Repeat songs


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I am a newbie here.

I have just discovered the app and like it a lot, so much so I purchased the full version!

I have it loaded on both my Android Atoto A6 car head unit and my phone.

In general I am finding my way around it, a tutorial would have helped, however my immediate problem is as follows.

All my music is on the external SD card in an identical file called music on both the Atoto and phone. On just the Atoto inside each album the tracks are doubled up so they play twice which is annoying.

I have checked the Library music folder and can see no duplicates.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!

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Thank you now sorted! I had a further look at the device storage to see that there were other folders selected including a 'music' one. So all others apart from the sd card music folder now deselected and that works a treat.

Now a further question, is it possible to make the alphabet listing down the right hand side of the music album index larger? On the Atoto A6 the letters are tiny and too close to the side frame for large male fingers! On my phone it is not a problem as it is portrait format and no side frame.

Thanks again!

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