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Rapid clicking sound


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Device:  Nokia 7.1

OS:  Android 9

Poweramp ver/build (I mistakenly entered the unlocker info on the google form; the following is correct):  v3 build 841

Problem (copied from google form):  Some tracks have a rapid clicking sound during quiet parts.  This occurs across file formats.  Turning off EQ and tone makes it quieter but does not eliminate it.  If helpful, one track that does this is "promise (reprise)" from the Silent Hill 2 OST.  It also happens on several tracks from Marilyn Manson's score for Resident Evil.  I have verified that this clicking does not occur on a variety of other apps.

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Tank you for your suggestions!  I had not, but i just increased the buffers and changed one of my outputs.  I can't listen to anything to check it right now, as i'm at work.  Also (and i apologize if this is a stupid question), how do i update to the newest version?  i had thought updates were automatic.

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