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End of album list


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When an album is finished the list stays on the final song at 0:00 instead of going back to 0:00 at track 1, is there any way to enable this option? This would make it easier if you wanted to start listening to the same album again at a later time

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On 11/13/2019 at 3:30 PM, andrewilley said:

It might be an idea to have a Settings option for what to do at end of current playback:

1) Return to the start of first track in list
2) Reset to start of last track in list (current behaviour)
3) Move on to next track (i.e. next list) and pause ready to play next list. 


I agree, a setting might be the way to please everyone. I would prefer that the "now playing" selection be nulled, as I always choose a different album and am often surprised and annoyed when the phone auto-connects to something by Bluetooth and starts playing the last song over again. If no setting is forthcoming, though, then I would agree with chrism16 that better would be to return to the beginning of the album. Thanks

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