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Widget is messed up on RTL layout


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I posted this bug before, but had no luck on a fix, so i'm trying again

My device uses a carrier ROM that forces RTL layout to the entire device for languages ike Hebrew and Arabic. 

Because of that, the widget becomes unusable. For example:


Last time I posted this issue I remember that changing my device language to English solved this issue because the layout changed to LTR

The thing is, since I updated my device version changing the language no longer changes the device layout. (If I change to English, the device layout is still RTL) So I can't prove this anymore...


  • Poweramp version and build number
    • V3 build-853-arm64-play
  • Your device model
    • LG V30+
  • Your Android version
    • 9 (No sub-version specified in the menu and I'm not sure how to find it)
  • Your Custom ROM name/version
    • I don't use a custom ROM, but my version is some abomination created by the official LG importer in my country. The version name is V30a-ISR-XX
  • Reproduce and run CatLog
    • I'm not sure what will be my reproduction steps here... I deleted and put the widget back again, hope it gives you some information. (Email sent)
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