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Xiaomi A3 + Hi-Res Output -> too loud

Major Tom

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Poweramp Version: v3-build-853-arm64-play
Device: Xiaomi Mi A3 (M1906F9SH)
Android: 9 (default, Android One, security patches up to October, kernel 4.14.98-perf+)

First of all, I want to thank you for adding support of Hi-Res Output for the Xiaomi A3 with one of the new versions of Poweramp. I have to say that the sound over Hi-Res has quite a bit more dynamic range.

But the loudness of the output through Hi-Res seems to be too high. Loud sound peaks are distorted. Switching between SL Output und Hi-Res reveals that Hi-Res output seems to be +6db too loud. I have to use set PreAmp in the EQ setting to -6db in order to get a non-distorted signal. Also if I switch DVC on and off I get a signal that is too loud with DVC on. Tested with bluetooth output.

Should I turn off DVC in this case? Will I lose the gain in dynamics I had before?

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