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Disable auto swith to the next track


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How to disable auto-switch to the next track?
I tried all possible and impossible options. Maybe there are some hidden codes ?!The same settings and others have been tested in folders and albums, etc.
 Where is the button to turn off auto transition tracks?
The program was honestly bought on the site half a year ago. Android 9. Samsung Note 9 Smartphone.
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The most common reason people cited in the past was for public playback, such as in fitness classes, dance tutorials, etc. to pause before starting the next item. It does go back quite a while, such as this reply from you back in 2012, which got lost amongst all the v3 work I suspect. :)

The method I had suggested before was only a minor tweak to the Repeat button modes (and terminology) to make it generally more logical and easier to understand. Especially as the term 'Advance List' is still a regular source of confusion for new users. This would give the simple but flexible ability to Play or Repeat by either Song, Category or All, thus:

Play One Song (stop at end of current song, ready in place to play the next song) [NEW, as per this thread request]
Play Current Category (stop at end of the current Category/List, ready in place to start playing the next Category) [currently called REPEAT OFF]
Play All Categories (stop when finished all Categories/Lists, ready in place to start again at the beginning).[NEW. Possibly could be the default mode for new installations, rather than playing forever?]
Repeat One Song [currently called REPEAT SONG]
Repeat Current Category [currently called REPEAT LIST]
Repeat All Categories (play all Categories/Lists, then start again from the beginning, repeating forever) [currently called ADVANCE LIST]

For the old term 'List', I substituted the word 'Category' in order to keep it more in line with v3 terminology.


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15 hours ago, maxmp said:

I always wonder, what is your use case for this? Thanks!

I listen to meditative tracks and sessions and as soon as you relax sharply, the next track  for example  Black Metal rock starts playing . I have many scenarios where I want to play the track to the end. For example, when I sleep with stratifying music and then next track play Death Rock)). Is it difficult to add a manual control option?

Fox example I would like to see extra option to play track to the end and then stop (like in picture below)

Без имени-1.jpg

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On 11/5/2019 at 8:38 PM, w3wilkes said:

With the setting - Library -> Queue -> On Queue end -> Stay in Queue... You can put a single song in the queue and PA will stop at the end of the song.

Also I can add one track to new playslist  But it's all crutches and workarounds and not  solution 

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On 11/5/2019 at 1:47 AM, maxmp said:

@MoonShadowThere are requests like this time to time. While it's easy to add extra playing mode, I always wonder, what is your use case for this? Thanks!

Listening to hypnotic files that includes BrainWaves. Because it should be at least a few hours between the two different hypnotic file types. and some times we goes to sleep when listening. Sleeping is not a problem for hypnosis but it helps for better affect.

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14 hours ago, Saadi Sh said:

 Because it should be at least a few hours between the two different hypnotic file types. and some times we goes to sleep when listening.

There is a workaround, a bit clunky but it would do what you want.

Long-press on the track you want to listen to and Add it to a Playlist (making a new one, with just that one track in it). Then play that one-track playlist from the Library > Playlists category, and make sure that Repeat mode is set to 'Off' in the player screen. That will cause PA to play the whole playlist (i.e. one track) and stop at the end rather than moving on to another playlist.


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Excellent Max, thank you.

Could you possibly update the old 'List-based' wording to use v3 terminology while you are at it, and change that sometimes-confusing 'Advance List' phrase as we discussed before, as it really just means 'Repeat All'? The overall idea being to make the whole set of options more intuitive and logical? No further code changes would be needed, just minor updates to the descriptive text thus:

Play Current Song  (the new 'Single Song' option that you just added)
Play Current Category  (currently called 'Repeat Off')
Repeat Current Song  (currently called 'Repeat Song')
Repeat Current Category  (currently called 'Repeat List')
Repeat All Categories  (currently called 'Advance List')

For some reason 'Current', or even just 'One', seems better to me than 'Single' (as the word Single can also mean a solo released track off an album), but either word would work.

And just for tidiness and completeness sake, I personally would also add one extra (new) item before those three Repeat choices:

Play All Categories (just like 'Advance List', but it would stop at the very end rather than repeating forever)


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