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ELI5 Hi-Res audio and how khz affect sound (on Fiio M6)


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hello, first of all, i don't have much experience with audio so please can you ELI5 my questions?

i have a fiio m6 with Poweramp v3 installed (listening with hd 598cs and kz zs10), the app is set up to direct hardware output hi-res 24bit 48khz  (i mostly have 44.1 and a handful of 48khz files). it makes any difference if i use 48 or 44.1?

i also noticed that volume is a lot louder and eq is different when I use that output instead of something like open SL, and with the same values it's easy to distort the sound (expecially the bass) even with the Poweramp presets so i had to tweak my presets. why is that?


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