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A-B Repeat, Smart Shuffle.... Custom time stamps, maybe ??

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Smart shuffle in the sense...when you change track in shuffle it avoids the tracks that have been played recently..so its actually less random but will make it seem more random, A-B repeat is pretty standard. Custom Time stamps means if I quickly want to get to a particular part in the song... i can just have a mark in the seekbar that i can click on and get there quickly. 

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16 hours ago, Gnosh1 said:

Custom timestamps, or bookmarks, were my favorite feature of my ancient Zen Jukebox Xtra, one that I was amazed to learn wasn't an ubiquitous feature of audio players.

You can opt to save and resotre the last playback position in Poweramp, if that's what you mean. You can't always start a given track at 0'30" though.


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