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[Solved] Cue files not being parsed - FiiO M11

Mountain Man

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Cue files are apparently not being parsed in Poweramp on a FiiO M11.  The music files show as a single file instead of individual tracks. I'm running build 852.  I know the cue files are correctly formatted because they work in FiiO Music and Neutron on this same device and in Cantata and VLC on my desktop.  I also confirmed in Poweramp that "Parse CUE files" is enabled and "Show CUE disc image files" is disabled.  I've attached one of the cue files from my music library.

Pink Floyd - The Wall Movie Soundtrack Album Project.cue

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2 minutes ago, andrewilley said:

Blank lines should not really be there, but they equally they ought to be ignored if they are encountered.


So it's a bug but is easy enough to work around that it's probably not worth fixing.

I originally put the blank lines there because they make the file look nicer to the human eye, but copious use of tabs accomplishes the same thing, although it made the file slightly larger!

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