Planned features for Poweramp - UI improvements (we'll keep 3rd party skins compatible) - support for album grabbing apps via system library album art support - google music song info - system library playlists support - settings export/import (to/from sd card, including equ/tone presets) - advanced tag editing - rating sync'ing from/to tags - optional (enabled by default) support for standard android .nomedia files - special treatment for user created playlists/queue, which keeps songs in playlist even if songs are deleted/temporarily unaccessible to Poweramp Bunch of 3rd party and in-house plugins, which optionally enhance Poweramp in some direction for users, who need it. We don't put everything in "monster" Poweramp package, instead, these are separately downloadable plugins: - cloud services via 3rd party plugins - smart playlist via 3rd party plugin - online radios via 3rd party plugins - automatic tag matching via 3rd party plugin - lyrics via 3rd party plugins - audio effects via 3rd party plugins - Sony Smart* accessories support via plugin - "Social" Poweramp plugin for FB,, Twitter