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Poweramp is extremely slow, for me.


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The app seems to be having a number of problems, which all boil down to it being very slow. It can start from the last song I played, via the widget on my home screen. But when I press the menu button, to see other albums/songs, there's a spinning wheel in the top right corner, none of the buttons work. 

So eventually that button works, and I can see my albums, but that spinning wheel is still there, and I can't click on any of the albums, and there's no album art either. It's as if Poweramp can't access the data on my phone. Eventually it comes right, and I am able to put on an album to listen to. But as soon as it ends, and I am ready to put on another, it's back to its old tricks.

Edit: it's a Samsung J5 Pro on Android 9.

And the Poweramp version is V3, build 849.

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