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Audio cuts off early at end of list


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When playing the last song in a list (e.g. an album), the last half-second or so is missing. It's extremely noticeable if the track ends in anything other than a fade-out to silence. It only happens when I get the "list finished" popup; setting the app to repeat or skip to the next list fixes the problem. The exact point at which playback halts varies slightly each time, perhaps due to the exact point I seek to while testing this.


I have tried turning off crossfade, swapping output plugins, and shrinking the buffers (gapless and output plugin) to no effect. Interestingly, if I press play immediately after finishing the track, the missing clip *does* play, followed by the track again from the beginning—it's loaded from disk but never sent to the output. This doesn't work anymore if I seek before pressing play.


Troubleshooting advice is welcome but this seems like an off-by-one error to me.

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