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Playing songs by ARTIST isnt organize

When you tag the following songs eg.

1. I Don't Care : Ed Sheeran; Justin Bieber

2. End Game: Taylor Swift; Ed Sheeran

3. River: Eminem; Ed Sheeran

4. Perfect: Ed Sheeran

5. Beautiful People: Ed Sheeran; Khalid

this will show in the ARTIST tab as

1. EdSheeran

2. Ed Sheeran/Justin Bieber

3. Ed Sheeran/Khalid

4. Eminem/Ed Sheeran

5. Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran


I tried tagging songs like

1. I Dont Care (ft. justin Bieber): Ed Sheeran

2. End Game (ft. Ed Sheeran): Taylor Swift 

But the song End Game wont be shown in Ed Sheeran's.

How about songs which two or more artists are credited; like 

1. Power is Power: SZA, the Weeknd, Travis Scott

2 1000 Hours: Dan+Shay, Justin Bieber?



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At the moment, Poweramp does not support multiple artist names for one song (so the entire name "Ed Sheeran ft. Justin Bieber" would be considered one unique artist name, just like a multi-word band name).

In the longer term, it is planned to allow separating multiple artist names in the same way you currently can with Genres. The default is to use ";" or "//" as separators, but that is already user-configurable - simply using "&",  "/" or "," is not such a good idea as those exist within existing group names such as "AC/DC" or "Crosby, Stills & Nash".


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