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Poweramp not scrobbling to last.fm on Fiio M6


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I use my Fiio M6 and Poweramp to play music. I use it offline and it would have no problem scrobbling and then syncing to last.fm when I got home and connected to Wi-Fi. For the last few days it hasn't been doing it at all though. It's not the player because it still works when I use Tidal instead of Poweramp. I have tried resetting it and different Wi-Fi and everything. 

Does anyone have a fix for this? 

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Poweramp itself doesn't scrobble, Last.fm does, it should "listen" to what Poweramp is playing but it is generally very unstable (as seen on play store reviews), it hasn't been updated for some time either.
Most likely the app could have been killed and stopped working.
Maybe try other apps?  You remember to disable scrobbling via last.fm if you try them.
I heard Scroball is good,
also used Simple Scrobbler but was having some issues recently with it when playing repeat-one song mode

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