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[All Versions] Cover Art Issue (Car - Android Head Units)


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First of all I must say that Poweramp is far best music player for Car Android Head Units. I'm really happy with using Poweramp in my car.

But, there is a small issue about cover arts.

My music library is on a Usb Stick(512gb) which is connected to android head unit with OTG cable.(Like most android head units). I have fairly big music library.

My music library format:


\Music Library\Artist1\Folder.jpg (Artist cover art)

\Music Library\Artist1\SongTitle1.mp3

\Music Library\Artist1\SongTitle2.flac


\Music Library\Artist2\Folder.jpg (Artist cover art)

\Music Library\Artist2\SongTitle1.mp3

\Music Library\Artist2\SongTitle2.flac


\Music Library\Playlist1.m3u

\Music Library\Playlist2.m3u


Every artist folder has a artist cover art named "Folder.jpg" and every song file in a artist folder has a exactly same cover art embedded.(Same as "folder.jpg")



My Problem is : After I done a Full Scan some of the songs has empty cover arts.(When I play these songs Poweramp shows default cover art which is white).

For example: For a specific artist some of the songs have cover arts missing and some of the songs have correct cover art.


What I Tried

1)  If I repeat the Full Scan, cover arts of some songs appeared successfully but some of the songs lost their cover arts. It seems like this is random.

2) If I copy some problematic songs to the my phone, I can see their cover arts without any problem. So nothing wrong with song files and their embedded cover arts.

3) Tried cleaning Album Art cache from options, nothing changed.

4) Tried fast search nothing changed.

5) Tried disabling problematic artist folder from "Music Folders" option and repeated fast search, after this i re enabled that folder and repeated fast search nothing changed.

6) I opened problematic music files with some other applications and i can see the cover arts and I can also open folder.jpg files in my android head unit without any problem.

7) I opened Album art menu of problematic song and selected a setting like "Load a photo from gallery" and selected a correct artist folder.jpg file from my music library but nothing changed. Song's cover art keep default empty art.


I'm a software engineer & most of the time I can find sources of problems in softwares but this problem doesnt make any sense to me.


I'm  ready to help, I can send log files if it helps.  


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I presume you have tried doing a complete uninstall of PA and the unclocker and re-install it, and allow it a while to rebuild?

I'm wondering if the combination of the use of USB OTG memory (which sometimes won't have initialised fully by the time PA tries to access it) and the way car head-units have a habit of shutting down without allowing a grace period for apps to tidy up, could be related here? What happens if you temporarily put some of the problem songs on the device's internal memory for testing, do they work from there? 


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