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Audio Output Status Conflict

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I have a Redmi K20 Pro running pie based AOSIP custom rom. I experience this on MIUI and Lineage OS as well.

The Output status is telling me that when I use OpenSL ES output I have 16bit output and a total of 2880 audioframes processed (statistically speaking. I don't care about *numbers. I donno how it even works)

But a terminal check gives me other results:

Output thread 0xf3f03640, name AudioOut_D, tid 1536, type 0 (MIXER):
  I/O handle: 13
  Standby: no
  Sample rate: 48000 Hz
  HAL frame count: 192
  HAL buffer size: 1152 bytes
  Channel count: 2
  Channel mask: 0x00000003 (front-left, front-right)
  Processing format: 0x5 (AUDIO_FORMAT_PCM_FLOAT)
  Processing frame size: 8 bytes
  Pending config events: none
  Input device: 0 (AUDIO_DEVICE_NONE)
  Audio source: 0 (default)
  Normal frame count: 960
  Last write occurred (msecs): 0
  Total writes: 43966
  Delayed writes: 0
  Blocked in write: yes
  Suspend count: 0
  Sink buffer : 0xf40ce000
  Mixer buffer: 0xf49d7000
  Effect buffer: 0xf40c3000
  Fast track availMask=0xea
  Standby delay ns=3000000000
  AudioStreamOut: 0xf49c9e68 flags 0x6 (AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_PRIMARY|AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST)
  Frames written: 42207360
  Suspended frames: 0
  PipeSink frames written: 42207360
  Hal stream dump:
  Thread throttle time (msecs): 0
  AudioMixer tracks:
  Master mono: off



Is this expected? Or is it a bug? Should I ignore that?

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