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Music plays twice via bluetooth and question about equalizer


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Hello everyone. I have a problem with Poweramp. I use it mainly in the car in connection with the radio via bluetooth. Usually, before driving, I turn on bluetooth, select a specific folder or playlist, start the first song and stop it. Then I get in the car and after starting the car my radio connects to the phone and after connecting the Poweramp starts playing music. However, the song plays twice at the same time. If I stop the song, a pause mark appears on the phone screen, but the song continues to play. The same happens if I stop the music on the radio screen. When I change the song manually, they play two songs, the first and the new. The solution to this problem is to force the application to be turned off via android settings, but this is ridiculous while driving. After restarting the application the problem disappears.

I have enabled background service and automatic start and stop bluetooth if it is important.

The second problem, and also the question is whether it is possible to assign two different equalizer settings to two bluetooth devices? I use a jbl xtreme speaker and a car radio, both devices have a different equalizer setting, but Poweramp allows me to assign these settings only to "bluetooth", not to "specific bluetooth device". When I assign two different settings to "bluetooth", the first one is always chosen. When I change the setting to a second device while connecting to a second device, it returns to the first one after changing the song. Is there any option to assign one equalizer setting to the speaker and the other to the radio? We're talking bluetooth all the time, I'm not interested in another type of connection.

Thank you for reading and best regards :)

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