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profile settings for skins/themes

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Now that we have skins that are quite customizable, can we have a feature to save profiles or custom skin settings to back up to make it easier to go to our favorite settings?   After skin updates the settings get reset and it's tedious and time consuming trying to get it set back to what I have had it.   And quite annoying.   And a way to back up and restore when moving to a new phone or reset phone?

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On 7/5/2019 at 4:00 PM, Mixified said:

New Updates Available



Luminous | Luminous Black | Aurora

version 2.0

• Added New 8 Font Styles : Default, Thin, Light, Medium, Black, Condensed, Condensed Light, Condensed Medium
• Added New 4 Eq Shape Styles : Default, Square, Rounded, Circle
• Added New Album Art Style : Full View
• Added New Option : Transparent Background, Capitalize (Experimental)
• Skin settings are reset after getting an update has been fixed
• Small Improvements


@Mixified might be able to shed some tips on how to retain the settings when a new update takes effect? 

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9 hours ago, flyingdutchman said:

@hypomaniac-eric, the skin sdk has recently been updated and thanks to @Mixified for pointing out the new method. I have now implemented this too

Sweet!!!  I'm glad you got that fixed.   I still hope for a feature in Poweramp to have multiple custom presets for the skins.   Then i can save different color configurations for quick access.  

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