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Possibility to show/change info for full albums


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It would be nice if you could change whole album info at once, for instance I had an album with the wrong year on it and there were 26 tracks so to change it you'd have to do each track individually. I remember you could do whole albums at a time on the old version so not sure why it's no longer available, unless it's there somewhere and I'm missing it? 

Thanks. Optimized-20190927_225246.thumb.jpg.09aebdc5fabf20104eaf2a9501f1a06d.jpg

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16 hours ago, w3wilkes said:

This is easily doable on a PC using something like MP3Tag which can do all kinds of mass tag editing.

Yeah I don't currently have a PC though and tbh it's such a small thing I don't know why they took it out in the first place, was great being able to sort everything in one place. 

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