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License activation problems on FiiO M6!


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I meet some problems for activate a FIIO M7 without wifi (i use bluetooth sharing connection) and i resolve problem with:

- my FIIO with new install use wrong date and hour. I change it.

- i modify kernel right into setting/general/About... and 7 times press kernel version and after that, i transfert apk file through "Android file transfert"


My firmware is 1.0.8

And Poweramp version is "build-905 uni"


I retry activation with "already buy" button and all is done.



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For information, i'm a lot of problem with activation of my FIIO M7 (APM response with good email and ID order) and i resolve it with:

  • set time and date of the day
  • find internet connection with bluetooth share connection

I retry and it's OK for me.


Message for Poweramp, i forget and i rebuy new licence. If it's possible to refunded me. Thanks a lot.

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