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Resume on Charge State and/or Car Mode

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Firstly, I absolutely love the app! I use it in the car every day.

Along with the Resume on Headset Connect, how about Resume/Pause on Charge State and Resume/Pause on Car Mode.

Each time I get in the car, I find myself restarting the song or skipping to the next one because it resumes where I left off. Having the option to jump to the start of the song if the player has been paused for more than 15/30/etc. minutes would be nice.

On Resume by Headset Connect, etc. (anything other than manual unpause)

If (time since last pause > 15 minutes)

If (Track% < 50%) jump to beginning

Else jump to next track


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Wouldn't work for me (I tend to listen to long podcasts, so it's great to just automatically resume from where I left off each time) but fine as an optional feature.


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