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Always Start Poweramp On the Same View?


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I have Poweramp paid version. Running on Android Samsung Galaxy S10+.   Question:   When I tap the Poweramp icon on my home screen, I want Poweramp to *always*  start up pn the "Artists" screen, regardless of where I was in Poweramp when I clicked away from it while it was running. Is this possible? I hate starting it up and having it be on an album or a specific artist. Is there a setting to tell it *always* be on "Artists" menu when I click the icon?


Ed R.

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You can choose to start PA at either the Player screen or the main Library view. (Settings > Look and Feel > Start at Library)

Then you can configure the default library top-level view to be a specific category - e.g. Artists - if you wish. Go to the Library top-level view and tap on the three-dots menu icon. Select List Options and then long-press on the category that you wish to become the default entry screen (Artists in your case).


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