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i think I'm stupid! Help please!!!


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Hello people! 

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, if not I'm sorry and just explain me where to do it next time. Thanks. 


First, thanks for letting me be part of this forum! You all seem very nice people'ssss! 😊


Now here's my problem. So, I go into the settings and there's one that says: (and look a little bit like this) 

I put a screenshot in attachement. 

Track duration for per track progress 

At least: 45 min


note: This is supposed to be a slider that you move to the left of right. When you move the slider to the left, it goes to the minimum of 0 minutes, and when you move it to the right it goes up to 60 minutes. So you can choose the minutes for whatever it is for. lol

I might seem stupid but i can't figure out what it means! 

So if someone could take 2 minutes to explains it to me, i would so appreciate it! 


In the meantime, you all have a great day! 


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It is the adjustment control for the setting above, "Store/Restore Per Track Progress".

If you have the above setting enabled, it means PA will remember the position that you had got to for longer tracks, so whenever you return to that track again PA will go back to wherever you left off listening. You probably only want this to happen on long tracks such as podcasts/audiobooks/etc though, hence the slider control to define what length of tracks PA should remember, versus shorter songs which you would want to start back at the beginning next time you decide to listen to it.


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I recently re-installed Poweramp and now have the latest version. When I play music, from a custom playlist only, each song goes back to where I left off listening automatically, and every time. Store/Restore Per Track Progress was initially activated (but track duration was set at 45 minutes).  It is now unchecked/deactivated completely but PA continues to play tracks where they have left off, again, only from within a custom playlist.  When I play tracks from a regular album I do not have this issue, they restart at 0:00 each time.  I have restarted my phone but the issue continues, is this a bug or I am doing something wrong?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

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You can also set this feature per-category. View any playlist's contents and tap on the three-dots menu icon, then select List Options. You can choose to store/restore the 'List Position' (i.e. which song of a list was last playing) or 'Per Track Progress' (how far into every track you have so far listened). This can be set independently for each listening category - albums, artists, folders, playlists, etc.

The other control discussed above is a global setting and affects EVERY track over a certain length, regardless of what music category you are using.


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