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Organising media on phone


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Hi guys i have been a long time user of the paid vers. I now ant to organise my media better so it is easier to navigate my media. i have both mp3s and flac ect.

I am using power amp currently on a Samsung galaxy note 9.

I have music on the internal storage and on a sd card.

I currently listen to the music by the free earphones included with the phone, but have some blue tooth galaxy buds on the way.

That`s the information over now the questions.


!) how is it best to place the music albums onto my phone ie the way i do this atm is the following.

on my sd card for example i have a folder called "music" in this folder is then a folder for album name, then in the album name folder if the folder has say 2 albums i then have another "cd1" and "cd2" so for example .

Music>Vocal trance 2019>cd1>cd2.

Doing this i have noticed when browsing my albums i can see "vocal trance 2019 cd1" and a "vocal trance 2019 cd2" Instead of jsut one album showing up say ""vocal trance 2019" then when you click on it both cd1 and cd 2 shows up inside. am i doing something wrong i have some albums that have 6 albums and they all show up separate ?.

2) what does power amp use to get the information tag 3 and do they have to be filled in correctly or will power amp fix this ? .

3) IS there a guide on setting power amp up ?


Thank you very much for a brilliant app and look forward to the replies.

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I put my music into an overall Music folder, then folders for Artists, and Album folders under them. I don't create separate folders for multi-CD albums, but instead name the files as 1-01 Title, 1-02 Title, 1-03 Title, etc and then for CD two as 2-01 Title, 2-02 Title, 2-03 Title etc.

Tags are ID3 format within MP3 files, and they contain all the info PA needs to sort and display the content (Track Title, Artist Name, Album Title, Track#, Disc#, etc). These should ideally be set up correctly before you even copy the files to your phone, as although you can edit them song-by-song in PA it would be a very laborious task.


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