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Unable to Turn Off Shuffle?


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Can you please help?

I’ve Turn Off Shuffle, and it still Shuffle when playing songs

My song list e.g.

01 There’s always me

02 Cant Help Falling Love

03 Love Me

04 Steam Roller Blues

After playing song 01, next it plays song 04, instead of 02.

On Folders Hierarchy settings > Lists

Shuffle All Songs In Folder Hierarchy (Off)

Shuffle category Songs (Off)

Thanks you


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Had another device on Android version 6.0 that caused the issue.

andrewilley "What does the shuffle icon in the main Player screen show?"

Long press on the shuffle icon > it was on Shuffle All, tap on Shuffle Off

Problem resolve.

However, prior to turning off on Shuffle icon, on Folder Hierarchy > settings > List > Shuffle > 

Turn Off - Shuffle All Songs In Folder Hierarchy & Shuffle Category Songs. This does NOT turn OFF Shuffle?. What is this setup for?


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There are two shuffle configuration options in Settings > Library > Lists. They do not turn the current playback shuffle on or off, nor select the current shuffling mode. They are there specify how the shuffle system (whenever the user uses it) should handles certain specific situations, such as as shuffling of subfolders - for example should the contents of all subfolders to be jumbled together, or played as one shuffled folder at a time.

To turn shuffle on of off, and select the mode you require - e.g. all songs, shuffle by category, etc - all you need to do is tap (or long-press) the Shuffle icon on the Player screen. 


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