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Make album art appear, even if not embedded in all songs of album


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I big number of CDs in my library have the album artwork not embedded in all songs of an album but only in the first song.

When I now play random songs (shuffle), most songs will not display an album artwork - which looks lousy.

Is there an option so Poweramp checks - if a song has no assigned album artwork -> if at least one song in the same album (=folder) has an album artwork -> display this artwork then.

Cheers, Ralf

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Not exactly but there are multiple ways to fix this.

#1 In settings/Album Art/ turn on "Download Album Art" for automatic download of missing artwork. It will download and store missing artwork in the Poweramp cache and not embed them into the actual file of the song. It may not always pick the right cover but you can easily change it by referring to option #3.

#2 Save that cover from the first track as folder.jpg in each album folder on your device. I'm not sure if this fixes the shuffle problem so you may need to refer to step #3 to make this work.

#3 If you click on an album and then click the three dots in the top right corner you can assign an "image" which will apply to all of the songs in that album and it won't be embedded, but it will be stored in Poweramps cache to all of those tracks as if it were embedded.

#4 open your library on your PC in an app like Tag&Rename. If the first cover already has album artwork it only takes a second to right click on that first song and apply/embed it to all the songs in that folder and/or checkmarked.

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