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strange pause music and shut off issue with fiio m6

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Dont know where to put this..but anyone got an issue with fiio m6, m7 or m11 that when..

After 90min or so playing music with bluetooth, i pause the player and some seconds later the m6 shuts off. A restart and I can pause the music again without it turning off, so seems like pausing sometimes trigger the inactivity function of the m6 and shuts it off. I have inactivity set to 15 min.

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no one else get this with fiio m6, m7 and m9?


Reproduced it today, let it play to bt headphones and randomly paused and unpaused. Let it play again for 40 min then paused and the m6 just shut off with no warning on screen etc.

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I have recently experienced my m11 turning off and back on on its own also if I try to do anything it shuts off while in progress. Can anyone explain this or any suggestions other than restoring to factory reset because I have already done that and it hasn't helped. 

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