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5.1/7.1 channel surround sound support


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Does Poweramp v3 supports 5.1ch/7.1ch  surround audio output i am questioning this because in App store down in description it states that Poweramp mixes multichannels into stereo.

If Poweramp(v3) supports 5.1ch/7.1ch surround audio then mention it in stores description.

If Poweramp(v3) does not supperts 5.1ch/7.1ch surround audio then please add this feature in the Poweramp (v3)

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On 8/13/2019 at 2:43 PM, Sibtain said:

I have Samsung Galaxy S8

A bit puzzled here, how are you planning to listen to 7.1 speakers on a phone?

Or do you mean mixed down to stereo for listening via the headset, which I believe is already possible for AC3 encoded files, etc.


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