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Android Auto Not Playing Selected Songs


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Build 839

Huawei Mate 20 Lite

Android 8.1.0

After update can't now play songs, playlists, albums from car screen

Selection is still available but when chosen songs are selected screen stays with previous selection

Have to change songs etc from phone screen

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I posted something similar.  I originally thought the issue was only playing songs from a different playlist, but I just realized it's ANYTIME you pick a song from any playlist.  It won't play the song.  

I just redownloaded 838 and will see if it works again in the mean time. 

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There's 2 ways I can manifest this issue:

First way, starting from Poweramp music screen, trying to change playlists.  Press top left to go back to Playlists.  Select new playlist, then select song in new playlist.  Screen goes back to AA Poweramp screen, but the song doesn't change; it's the same song that was already playing and nothing happens.

Second way, just changing songs within a playlist.  From AA Poweramp screen, select bottom left option to see the queue.  Select a new song, but nothing happens.  It goes back to the AA Poweramp screen with the old song still playing.  Song does not change.


I reverted back to 838 and issue is gone and it works fine. 

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