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Android Auto artwork display lag (Honda Civic dashboard)


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This is honestly a very minor complaint given that two years ago AA wasn't even supported, so thank you for the considerable progress and ability to use the app in-vehicle at all. That said...

I've noticed an interesting behavior, hopefully explained well enough here, where the dashboard view of my music matches the head unit display to start, but after one track the artwork lags behind by one track exactly. This one-back lag continues if I resume play (for instance, getting in my car again after work) but seems like it restarts if I've been using another music app and return to Poweramp. It's certainly not a blocking issue to using the app but can be a bit distracting.  

My car is a 2017 Honda Civic, head unit is stock. As with many cars there is an in-dash display as well as the head unit. 

Android Auto is the latest (from 21 Jun 2019) 

Poweramp is the full version of Build 838

Phone is a Pixel 2 XL,  stock ROM from Verizon, running the latest available build of Android 9 (patch level from 5 Jul 2019) . 

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