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Webside interaction problem with PA

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I have this issue on my mobile phone at times when playing PA. Perhaps it is not a bug per se but rather some compatibility problem on some websites. I have noticed it primarily when browsing on 2 national newspaper online sites in Norway that I visit daily. What often happens when I browse those webpages is that PA either pauses completely and I have to push play again to get the music going again, or (happens most often) the volume momentarily decreases and then returns to normal levels when I stop browsing.

I have tested on many other websites I frequent and the problem does not occur there from my experience. What makes these aforementioned websites different from many others I browse is, from what I can deduce, that they have more ads, pop-ups and newscasts / bulletins with sound (often auto-play) and I wonder if this perhaps causes some kind of compatibility issue with PA? Or is there some setting I need to tweak somewhere in PA for this to work smoothly? Anyone have any ideas?

Let me add that I did not have the same issues when playing PA on my previous phone, but that was with an older phone and older Android version (Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Android 7).

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Yes, it would be auto-play of audio from another source that would trigger Android to create either a short focus change or a permanent one. The same would happen if you played a YouTube video, etc. Might be worth checking in PA Settings > Audio > Audio Focus and seeing if adjusting the options in there helps.


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Thanks for the swift response and tip. I checked the PA setting you mentioned and changing the sub-setting 'Short Audio Focus Change / Calls' from 'on' to 'off' (it was 'on') seems to have resolved the issue. I now tested many sections on the aforementioned websites that have auto-play and which caused PA audio-drop/play-pause for me and now PA works smoothly and well again which is excellent.

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