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Kam kxr150 Poweramp


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I'm new to this so can I get some help please, I bought this amp on eBay for home use really when having parties....what else apart from speakers do I need cause I've connected my passive speakers and run music my iPad and doesn't do anything.i know I'm either missing mixer or faulty....the lights on the power comes on but dims down has well has the channel A & B..



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13 minutes ago, Paolo2u said:

Hi....am I being a little dumb...so what should I do to understand what I actually need to see if it works, is there some info on it I could read... 

You're not dumb, but have chosen the wrong forum. You've got a Kam Kxr150 Poweramp ? This is not the forum for that device.


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As has been said, this is the wrong forum. This is a user-support website for the Android audio player app called "Poweramp" - not for external hardware power amplifier boxes.

The box you have there is a 19" rack mounted final audio amplifier, https://www.getinthemix.com/documents-support/sound/kam-kxr150-v2-power-amplifier-documents-support.htm. It does not do any pre-processing, switching, EQ, or provide source media. it simply takes a pair of balanced XLR left and right inputs (or unbalanced quarter-inch jacks) and drives two speakers (named as A and B) directly from that audio signal. The front panel allows you to adjust the master output volume, but nothing else (any other adjustments are done in the pre-amp stages, for which you need further hardware such as a pre-amp, switcher/mixer, equaliser, etc).  

At the very simplest, you could get a phone or CD player with a 3.5mm stereo output socket and buy a suitable cable to split that out into two quarter-inch jacks. Keep an eye on the Clipping Warning LED on the front panel of the power amplifier, if that ever lights up then your source device output has been set too loud. 


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