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Bluetooth to car display suddenly not working

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I have been using the full Poweramp for a couple of years. No issues. It's great.

I got a Japanese import Honda s660 in November and been using Bluetooth as main audio source. The display in the car displays track info, album and artist all correctly in English despite every car menu being in Japanese.

Now 2 weeks ago it's only displaying Japanese characters and google translate is saying it says "no track info" or unknown.


It's limited to just Poweramp. My radio player app works fine and displays channel and dj. Other music amps also work fine, even YouTube displays some info. Just Poweramp not working.


It's a HTC u11. Everything to.the latest possible update.


I have tried various developer settings in android and Poweramp app settings and nothing changes. Deleted and reinstalled, rescanned. Nothing. I then tried my samsung galaxy tab s8 that I use as an audio source in my other car and that's the same. Only Poweramp doing it since it updated within the last 2 weeks.


Is this an update that's caused this?



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Same for me. It has been working previously, but since a while there is no tag info transferred to my BMW. Other music player just work fine with tag info on the BMW display. My mobile is a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5.This seems to be a bug in PA, but honestly i don't expect it to be fixed. Same with stutter and hick-up problems (mostly in 320kb/s files) since month. All they do is to ask you to change the output settings again and again, which is not solving anything.

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Please update to the latest Poweramp build 838 (available on Play).

As for possible stutter on Xiaomi: is this for BT connection or wired or both? Stutter for unstable BT connection can be reduced by increasing Settings / Audio / Output / your output / Bluetooth / Audio buffer.

Stutter via 3.5 (and/or BT if not related to connection) is related to battery optimization and other apps running on the background (Play updating apps, for example).

You’ll get better results here by adding Poweramp AND Poweramp Unlocker to battery optimizer exclusion list (see here: https://dontkillmyapp.com/xiaomi). I would suggest enabling Settings / Misc / Wakelock as well.

Note that these issues happen “outside” Poweramp app and unfortunatelly can’t be fixed by “fixing” app itself.


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