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Help: Poweramp cant locate music


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Apologies if this is the wrong location to ask this.

I have recently gotten a new phone running android 9 and Poweramp cannot locate the music on my internal storage. 

When I try to locate the /music folder to scan, it does not let me locate subfolders to find the /music folder.

even if i select the entire storage drive and scan, it doesnt find the music.

The app has permission to access storage in app permissions, however running a scan comes up with 0 files.

The music itself is in the correct format and was working perfectly on my old device.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as i can not work out what is wrong!

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A few people have reported similar issues with build 830 from the Play Store on Android Pie. Try downloading the same version (830) from the Downloads tab here and install that. If that doesn't work, try rolling back to 829 instead (you'd need to uninstall first, but given that you haven't set anything up yet there would be no need to backup settings/playlists in this case). 


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