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Odds of repeat when shuffle all is set


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11 hours ago, ultrarunner2019 said:


I'm curious to know what the odds are that, when I have shuffle all songs enabled, that any song will be repeated within a specified time period.
Also, does rating songs affect the chance that a song will play in shuffle all?

As I understand it shuffling works by imposing a random order on a given set of tracks, in your case all songs, and playing them in this order. Once the set is finished or you manually break the shuffling ( by playing another song, pressing the shuffle button, ... ) another order is chosen and the processing resumes. And so on.

So Poweramp should play all songs in random order until all songs have been played.

There are requests for another feature of "pure random" playing, where after each song the next song would by randomly selected. In such a scenario songs it might happen that in a given period of time some songs have been played multiple times and some not at all .

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i can confirm this behavior.  once i hit the shuffle all, you can set the list to sort in the order the songs got shuffled in.  be warned, shuffle seems to be very sensitive.  only pause and play or swipe skip from the player screen, otherwise its anyones guess.

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