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No longer able to see or choose music folders for library

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@john madsen Glad you've managed to find your music folders now!

As far as levels go, Poweramp does not currently feature an 'on the fly' dynamic volume adjustment system (Normalise / AGC / etc) but it does support something called ReplayGain. This method uses an embedded piece of matadata within the audio file itself that tells the player the maximum peak level that exists anywhere within the music. When PA begins to play any suitably tagged file, it can adjust (increase or decrease) the preamp gain for that whole track so the peak level is the same as for all the others.

See PA Settings > Audio > Replay Gain to activate this feature, where you can also adjust the target level that you wish it to aim for. The default is set to play everything at somewhat lower than 100% digital maximum, to allow headroom for EQ adjustments etc.

If your music is not pre-tagged with ReplayGain data, a program like foobar2000 on a PC can scan all your files and update the metadata for you easily enough. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReplayGain for more info.


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