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I need the overall Cover Art of a particular Album Folder to be that of the 1st Track/song. PA is supposed to do this by default but it is certainly not the case with me.

In fact PA seems to completely RANDOM SELECT this Artwork (usually anything BUT that of the 1st track/song)  EXAMPLE:  I have an 50 track Elvis's Greatest Hits, 49 of which have accompanying Elvis Pic/Artwork & one of Lisa Marie (for the version of 'In the Ghetto' where they Duet together). PA choses (Yeah, you've guessed it !) the Lisa Marie Artwork to represent the overall Album.

I have over 15,000 songs on my PA - EVERY track is  tagged, named with Artwork   …..  so you can imagine how particular I am   … please help.



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I assume it picks the first track that was originally scanned from that album (probably the first one in the underlying filesystem order, before any sorting). Max would be able to confirm this though.

If so, try copying all of the song files from the album you mentioned into a new folder (copying the one that you want to use the artwork from first) and remove the old folder. Then see if the newly rescanned versions of the songs have a different artwork choice. 

You can also manually choose album artwork by tapping on the three-dots icon while looking at the album's song list.


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 Thanks Andre - While I was taking your advice, I had a mini-brainwave & I think I've cracked it !  You need to have time on your hands though ! …..   but  ….  when you're  'dragging & dropping'  - drop the 1st track across FIRST, wait for it to show in the Poweramp, then transfer the rest of the Album/Folder. It will always keep that 1st track's Artwork as the overall Album/Cover Art.


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